Amazon cooperates with Japan’s foreign trade organization! Launch the exclusive Japanese seller page “Japan store” on the US website

Recently, Amazon announced that in cooperation with Japan’s Foreign Trade Organization JETRO, it will launch the Japanese seller’s exclusive page […]

Amazon’s minefields of contraband , be careful in the peak season!!

With the advent of holiday shopping season, Europe and the United States will usher in multiple shopping peaks. Due to […]

Amazon’s latest policy for peak season: launch a new option to automatically remove obsolete inventory!

Amazon US Marketplace announced that in order to prepare for the 2021 “holiday sales season” and create more storage space, […]

Amazon works with lendistry! Provide short-term loans to U.S. sellers!

Recently, Amazon announced that it has launched the Amazon community loan program in cooperation with commercial lender lendistry. Amazon community […]

Amazon Q4 peak season guide, product logistics operation must not fall behind

In the middle of September, Amazon’s Q4 peak season is coming. The annual Q4 quarterly sales will be higher than […]

Interpretation of advertising by Amazon advanced operations

Today, I will share 9 questions about CPC, which is very practical for novices who can’t advertise. 1. Why did […]

Amazon’s cosmetics store boosted sales through tiktok traffic!

At this stage, tiktok is bound to be a skyrocketing market. Whether it is cross-border e-commerce or brand businesses, you […]

Amazon Europe launched a new listing tool: “manage your experiences”

AmzWizard learned that Amazon Europe announced that the “manage your experiences” tool has been launched in the seller center. The […]

What is Amazon AMS advertising? What are the advantages of AMS?

What is AMS? AMS is fully known as Amazon marketing services, namely Amazon marketing services. It is a self-service platform […]

Amazon open case paths (29 in total)

1. Request to delete review Get support >Contact us >Selling on Amazon issue >Product and inventory >Product Review >FBA Issue […]