Summary of Amazon’s inventory clearing methods

Amazon’s storage costs have increased in recent years. Especially for overstocked and long-term unsalable goods, the platform will charge additional […]

Amazon forced to buy 1 million insurance premium, otherwise closed shop?

Recently, many sellers have received Amazon’s mandatory payment of 1 million insurance. After the total sales of three consecutive months […]

Summary of Amazon’s methods of deleting negative reviews

This article sorts out the special content of negative reviews, hoping to help sellers better deal with this problem. Seller […]

Growing faster than Facebook and Google, will the advertising business become the next pillar of Amazon’s trillion dollar market value?

Amzwizard learned that in addition to e-commerce and cloud business, the advertising business is Amazon( AMZN.US )The third largest source […]

After brexit, Amazon announced new requirements for cross border transportation

Now, the UK and the EU have reached a trade cooperation agreement, which stipulates new trade terms from January 1, […]

What is the correct process for Amazon claims?

Many Amazon sellers don’t understand Amazon’s claim policy, and they can’t calculate this part of the data manually. Some sellers […]

Summary and analysis of Amazon beauty products in 2020 and forecast for 2021

Why share the beauty category? This is because compared with other categories, beauty is very suitable to be spread through […]

Good products but no orders? That’s your lack of this positioning script!

Amazon has a lot of knowledge in every aspect. Starting from the selection, if the selection is not good, it […]

2021 Amazon fashion products selection method guide

In this paper, we will interpret the key points of three different types of products (evergreen, seasonal and new) from […]
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Creating Bundles with the New Amazon Virtual Product Bundle Tool

Bundling products on Amazon can be an effective sales technique when used properly. But historically, product bundles for sale on […]